Exhibitions and Publications   


Conceived and exhibited in all Free U Photography Shows

UK Rasdell gallery, 1970-73



"Popular Photography" Magazine 1/70


Kentucky Professional Photographer’s Association 27th Annual Exhibit

Gault House Gallery, Louisville, KY 5/70


“Student View 70”


Washington DC, 5/70


Group Show

Wisconsin State University Art Center Gallery

Plattyville, WI, 5/71


One Man Show

University of Kentucky Barnhardt Gallery, Lexington, KY 12/71


One Man Show

Living Arts And Science Center, Lexington, KY 8/72



Camera Magazine 8/72


One Man Show

Skylight Gallery, Lexington, KY 8/72


“A Video Gallery”

One Man Show

Featured On Kentucky Educational TV 8/4/72



Playboy Press Book 9/72


“Woman View”

Group Show

University Of Iowa 10/72



Camera Magazine 9/74



Creative Camera Magazine  1975 Yearbook


“Nude In the Landscape”

Group Exhibit of the Ansel Adams Yosemite Workshop Collection

Tokyo, Japan 1/75


“Photography: Nude In the Landscape”

Group Exhibit

Osaka, Japan 4/75


“IntraVisions” Walker, Purcell and Bayles

University Of Kentucky Fine Arts Gallery 8-9/75



One Man Show

 University Of New Mexico, 11-12/77


Group Invitational Exhibit

Northern Kentucky Council on the Art, 12/77



Creative Camera Magazine  10th Anniversary Issue



One Man Show

 Lucerne Switzerland 4/78


Group Exhibit

Levasas Gallery

Lexington, Kentucky Council On the Arts 4/78


Art Department Faculty Exhibit

 Northern Kentucky University 5/77


Art Department Faculty Exhibit

 Northern Kentucky University 12/77


One Man Show

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY 4/78


One Man Exhibition

 Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville, New York 5/80


“Contemporary Trends in Photography,

  Anderson, Bayles,  Caliis, Enos, Lazorik, Purcell, Rolich and Walker”

Transylvania University, Lexington, KY 9/80


Group Invitational

 Cincinnati Art Museum, Eden Park, OH 8/81



Camera Magazine  Nude Issue 8/91


“Modern Nudes”

European traveling exhibit arranged by Camera Magazine 1980


1981 Cincinnati Invitational Exhibition

“View from the Hill”

 Traveling Show by the Ohio Arts Council 1981


Group Exhibit

 Ohio State University, Athens, OH 10/81


Group Exhibit

Kent State University Galleries,  10-11/81


One Man Show

Trisolini Gallery, Ohio university, Athens 2-3/82


“Mexico to Mardi Gras”

 Clifton galleries Cincinnati, OH 3/28/82- 4/24/82


“The February Portfolio”

One Man Show

Dionysus Galleries, Cincinnati 3/82


One Man Show

Columbus Technical Institute, Columbus, Ohio 4/82


"Anderson, Perdue, Rolich and Walker"

Dionysus, Cincinnati, OH  5/16-6/13


One Man Show

Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, Ohio 8/82


“Selected Works”

Gallery at the Foundation of The Arts. 9/82


Ohio Artist Traveling Exhibition, 10/81-9/82


“Survey of Cincinnati Artists”

 Group Exhibit , Art’s Consortium Gallery

Cincinnati, Ohio 11-12/82


“Silver Apples”

 2/19-21, 1983, Clifton Gallery


“Art Scene ‘83”

Group Exhibit

Cincinnati Art Academy 5/83


One Man Show

Playhouse In the Park, Cincinnati, Ohio 5/83


“New Works by Cincinnati Artists”

Cincinnati Museum Of Art, 5/15-6/15, 1983


“Human Condition”

Group Show

Dionysus Galleries, Cincinnati, Ohio 3/85


“Newport Salute to the Arts”

 Group Show, Fashion Island, Newport, CA 7/87


“From Today Photography Is Dead”

Mixed Media Show, Group Show Chapman University 1-3/92


Invitational, Group Show

 Orange Coast College, 9/92



 Amateur Photography Vol 1, Graphis Publications


“Undiscovered Country”

Nerve , NYC 3/2002


“Friends and Lovers”

Nerve, NYC 5/2005


“Messe Show”

Cologne Germany. 10/2010

PMA 2010, 2009, 2008

Las Vegas Convention Center

Photokina 2010

Cologne, Germany


Las Vegas Convention Center, Feburary, 2010



 NYC, 2010


R. Michael Walker

Samy's Camera

 Santa Ana, 2011


Photokina 2010

Sep 20-27

Cologne, Germany



Las Vegas Convention Center, 2010



 NYC 2010


One Man Show

Samy's Camera, Santa Ana, 2011


“Ilford presents, the work of R. Michael Walker”

Ilford Gallery, Route de L’Ancienne Papeterie

Switzerland 5/2011



 Cologne, Germany  9/2012



 Rizzoli Gallery, Milan, Italy 9/2013


"Best of PhotoVogue"

 Rizzoli Gallery, Milan, Italy 9/2013


"I'll Be Your Mirror"

 Morlan Gallery, Transylvania University

Lexington, KY

 Oct. 25 – Nov. 25, 2013


45 Images from PhotoVogue

 Leica Gallery, Milan, Italy 4/2016



curated by Alessia Glaviano and Francesca Marani

 16-19 November 2017

Milano, IT