Vintage Silver Prints, all over 30 years old

    All my current prints are made on Ilford GALERIE Gold Fibre paper using an Epson 3880. They are both Archival and beautiful. But for those who prefer a bit of antiquity in your art purchases, I'm presenting a group of prints made on varying sizes of Agfa Portriga Rapid, printed from 1969-1987. Each print is signed and numbered and all are part of my 25 print editions like all my prints for sale. And the best part about this collection, they are priced the same as my modern prints. There is no increase in price as I am selling the art not the process or the antiquity. But if those matter to you, here is your chance to pick from a select set of images that have been archivally stored for decades. The wonderful Agfa paper is no longer available, and I have no plans to ever make more silver prints on any other paper.


NOTICE: the frames on the next page are just copies of the prints so the actual color or contrast may differ in the original

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