Here's The Deal!

 Hi, my name is Mike and I live in Costa Mesa, CA. I'm Happy that you've looked at my work and are interested in posing for me. First off, I neither charge nor pay. There is no money involved in my shoots. I have found over the years that my best images are made when both myself and the person being photographed want the images. Those that model for money are not as productive for me since their main goal IS the money. This is not work for me it's my life's mission. So what DO you get? You will get web res digital images for your own personal enjoyment and a finished, signed and numbered print of your choice from those images. At the beginning of the shoot you will need to sign a release/agreement. I will also need to photography your ID or Driver;s license as proof of age. With the business part of the art out of the way, we will shoot a short test session to see how things go and to let you warm up to the way I work. It's here at the house where I have a studio and a large private yard to shoot in, and you are welcome to bring a friend to help out. After that, assuming things have gone well for both of us, we'll set up a location shoot. That's where you will get your finished print from. And if you have enjoyed it and the images have come out well, we will hopefully shoot again. I find the more I photograph someone the better the images become. It's the idea of portraiture, to capture something of the person and not just cool angles and unusual lighting. That comes with knowing more about the person you are photographing. I shoot RAW format Digital and some 120 film so it takes a few days to a week to get all the best files developed. After that I will email you large Web Res images of the best ones which you can use in any self promotional/personal manner as the release form states. And YES you can post them on your social media. But it's also where you will pick the image for your fished print from. If you are interested in shooting with me, or if you have questions, email me at Mike (R. Michael Walker Fine Art Photography) Click Here To See the Release form

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